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2nd Ashra Dua – Beautiful Dua of Ramadan Mubarak

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Ramadan Karim is divided into three ashra’s. Second Ashra of Ramadan Karim starts of 11th of Rmadan & end on 20th of Ramadan. The 2nd ashra of Ramadan is known as ashra of forgiveness, during this ashra, As second ashra is ” Ashra of forgiveness” so Muslims recite Holy Quran and seek forgiveness of those misdeed which they have commit in past.

Ramadan is an important month of Islamic Calendar . Muslims of whole world warmly welcome this Holy Month. Allah has dived this month in three Ashra’s. 2nd Ashra is known for Ashra of forgiveness . Muslims recite Holy Quran & pray Tarawihs and seek forgiveness of those sins which they have made in past.

2nd Ashra Dua Importance2nd Ashra Dua

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