3rd Ashra Dua – Beautiful Dua For 10 Last Days of Ramadan

In Islamic tradition, the month of Ramadan is divided into three parts or ashrahs. Each ashrah is associated with specific blessings and supplications, and Muslims are encouraged to increase their worship and good deeds during each of these periods.

Importance of 3rd Ashra Dua

The third ashrah of Ramadan is known as the “Ashra of redemption.” During this period, Muslims focus on seeking forgiveness. Muslims pray “3rd Ashra Dua” and recite Holy Quran so that they can get forgiveness of their sins. It is strong believe of Muslims, Laylat ul Qadr also occur in between last 10 days of this Holy month. Therefore, Muslims practice itekaf in last 10 of Ramadan Karim.

3rd Ashra Dua

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