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Dua e Qunoot | دعائے قنوت |Dua for Witr Prayer

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Dua e Qunoot is a supplication recited during the witr prayer of night prayer (Salat ul-Layl) in Islam. In Dua Qunoot a Muslim ask for Blessings, Strength and Guidance from ALLAH S.W.T . It is a highly recommended sunnah (the practice of the Prophet Muhammad) and has significant importance in Islamic worship. Holy Prophet also recite Dua Qunoot whn Mulsims face difficult time. It is also believe that by reciting Dua Qunoot one’s heart is purified.

Dua Qunott in Arabic:

Dua e Qunoot

Dua e Qunoot Translation:

Dua e Qunoot

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