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Dua upon Sneezing (Chink Aane Ke Waqt Ki Dua)

by Abru Farzeen

When it comes to sneezing, it is important to remember the dua that should be recited at the time of sneezing. The dua upon sneezing, known as “Chink Aane Ke Waqt Ki Dua” in Urdu, holds significant meaning and carries blessings. This dua should be recited not only to show gratitude for the sneeze but also as a form of protection and seeking blessings from Allah.

It is a beautiful way to acknowledge the power of Allah in our lives and to seek His mercy and guidance. By reciting this dua upon Sneezing, we are reminded of our connection with the Almighty and the importance of expressing gratitude for every little blessing in our lives. So, let us remember to recite the dua upon sneezing, not only for the sake of fulfilling our religious duties but also as a way to invite more blessings into our lives.

(Dua upon Sneezing) چھینک آنے کے وقت کی دعا

اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰہِ

تمام تعریفیں اللہ عزوجل کےلئے ہیں۔

All praise onto Allah Almighty.

Dua upon Sneezing

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