100+ Powerful FAQs About Islam

Islam is second largest religion all around the world. According to new research Islam is fastest growing religion. Islam started from Arabic Peninsula in 7th Century. In start of Islam The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) preached. 

As Islam is 2nd largest religion, therefore it is an eager in people about Islam. People want to know about Islam, they asked questions from Islamic scholars. At explore study we have tried our best to answer those frequently asked questions FAQs. 

If you have any query (FAQs) about Islam, then use comment section. You will get your answer from Quran & Hadith. 

General Question About Islam

 Islam denotes for complete submission or obedience to Allah. Prophet Muhammad PBUH guided the mankind towards the religion Islam through Quran and Sunnah.

The Quran, also called Al-Kitab, Al-Furqan and Al-Dhikr, is the Holy book of Islam that Almighty Allah revealed on Prophet Muhammad PBUH through the angle Gabriel.

'Jinn' are the creatures of Allah made from fire and are invisible to human eye. Some can fly or appear in the form of animals or move from one place to another like humans.

Shirk is defined as the act of associating anything or anyone with the Allah or His attributes and it is an unforgivable sin in Islam.

In Islam, haram refers to any act that is forbidden by Allah and made prohibited according to the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. Haram is considered sin if performed or approved in any way.

In Islam, Hell refers to the place where nonbelievers and wrongdoers will be put to suffer in afterlife as a punishment for their sins done in worldly life.

Zakat, the third pillar of islam, refers to 2.5% of wealth owned for a period of minimum 1 year that is to be given in charity to help the needy people.

According to Islamic law, Riba refers to the unjust or illegal gains or charges made in business or trade and it is considered haram.

Questions About Halal

Yes dave's hot chicken is halal certified. Owner of dave's hot chicken confirms the meat used by them is halal.

Popeye is not halal worldwide but in some regions it is. The animals are not slaughtered as described in Quran. But in Canada Popeye serve halal chicken so they are halal for Muslims.

Most of the meat dishes at cava are haram but Halal meat is also available including lamb meat.

Yes there are halal jolly ranchers available. They are made by dairy milk. But Hershey states that jolly ranchers are not certified halal.

Type A gelatin in haram but type B gelatin made from demineralised bones of animals and hides of cattle is halal.

Yes crispy crunchy chicken is halal. They confirmed that they use halal chicken. Trusted suppliers products are being used for the making of crispy crunchy chicken so it is halal for the Muslims.

Yes turkey bacon is halal. It is made of turkey meat so it is halal for Muslims. Products are mentioned with halal on it.

Tyson chicken is not halal certified. They don't even have any halal symbol on their products. They are not halal because they do not consider any halal way of slaughtering.

Welch's fruit snacks is not halal certified. Because it contains pork in it. Some of the juices are halal but not all products are halal certified so they are not halal for Muslims.

Perdue chicken is halal certified. Strict halal rules are followed for slaughtering the chicken. They offer products internationally. Vegetarian diet is followed totally.

Meat obtained from halal animals slaughtered according to Islamic laws is referred to as halal meat. Animals must be healthy at the time of slaughtering. Those animals are slaughtered as described in Quran.

Halal food refers to the food items that are permissible for eating in Islam while those items that are forbidden for intake are considered haram.

According to the rules prescribed, halal meat cannot be kosher. Halal includes the prayers to God before slaughtering but kosher includes no prayers to God before slaughtering

KFC is 100% halal certified in various Muslim countries. They use halal chicken and products. But in western countries it is not completely halal. But on their products they mention about the halal products.

Kosher gelatin is not halal. Muslims considered it prohibited for them. In islam nobody except God can change the prohibited to halal. Because gelatin is prepared with non-slaughtered animals and Muslims consider it haram.

Questions About Haram

Muslims always seek guidance from Quran in every phase of life. But in Quran no reference related to music is described. But music that leads to immoral behaviour is considered illegitimate.

It is mentioned in Surah an-nisa verses(118-121) that shaytan plans to deceive us by changing the creation of Allah.

Questions Related to Women

Roza is exempted for pregnant women. Islam also exempts roza for sick/ pregnant and feeding mothers

Before Namaz, Stand with feet close, facing towards Qaaba, cover body and head then follow the steps:

(a) Niyat : Stand facing towards Qaaba for namaz and make Niyat for namaz

(b) Place one’s hands on chest : second step is place hands on chest and start saying opening Duaa. Then recite Taauz and tasmiya followed by Surah Fateha along with any surah of Quran

(c) Ruku (Bowing) : Third step is Ruku, perform Ruku by bending your body downwards and recite Tasbihaaat

(d) Stand up againg : Fourth step is to stand up straight while reciting supplication

(e) Sajud (Prostrate ) : Fifth step is to bow down with hands on ground along with Head down on earth reciting Tasbihaaat

(f) Sit Up : after First Sajda, sit up again

(g) Sajud : subsequently, again go for second sajda reciting same Tasbihaat

(h) Stand up : then stand up again and this completes One Cycle and One Rakat is completed. In the same way go for second Rakat and after step

(i) instead of standing up Recite Tasbihaat

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