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Beautiful Good Morning Dua with English & Urdu Translation

Dua is an important source to connect with ALLAH. By reciting dua human discuss their issues with ALLAH. Many people recite dua to beg things which they need in their life. So Dua is an important tool to remain connect with God. There are many dua’s which ALLAH has gifted human’s so that they can improve their life. Morning Dua is one of them which is discussed below.

The morning prayer, or “Good Morning Dua” as it is known in Urdu, holds great importance in Islamic tradition. It is a way to start the day with gratitude and seek Allah’s blessings and protection. You can recite ” Subha Bakhire Dua” with English & Urdu translation.

Good Morning Dua in English:

Good Morning Dua in EnglishGood Morning Dua in Urdu:

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