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How to Memorize the Quran Fast and Easy (2024)

by Abru Farzeen

The Quran is more than a book that leads to the success of this world and hereafter. There are a lot of benefits of learning the Quran by heat. Here we are going to discuss How to Memorize The Quran Fast. We hope that our tips will help you memorize the Quran in a short matter of time. 

5 Tips How to Memorize Quran Fast 

How to Memorize the Quran Fast

Here are some practical tips that will help you to memorize the Quran quickly. 

Analyze Yourself 

The first thing that you have to know if you want to improve your Quran memorization or anything in your life is to know where you are. People usually are impressed by the massive information on the internet and they forget to ask themselves what slows down their memorization. 

Is it their bad pronunciation, or maybe they don’t engage with it and can’t find the discipline to help them? Or they don’t have enough time to learn, or they feel like the Quran is too big and they can’t finish it?

Is it maybe because they feel motivated at first, but after a while, they lose their motivation and find themselves stopping and forgetting about it? Or maybe because they get distracted so easily and can’t concentrate enough? 

All these can be reasons for hindering your journey with the Quran, but you have to know which one is exactly your problem so your mind will pick the suitable solution for it from the coming advice. Age is not a factor if you are a kid or adult must start memorizing quran by qualified tutors in hifz classes for adults or kids. 

Develop Your Listening Habit 

Listening is a magical tool. We learn how to speak our mother tongue just by listening. Listening is also a very good tool because you can do it if you don’t have enough time or if you are not dedicated. 

Wherever you are, you can just put on your earphones and listen to the Surah that you intend to memorize. After listening to it many times, you will be impressed that your pronunciation has improved, the Surah has become so familiar to you, and your memorization has become easier and faster than before. 

Divide and Memorize 

Take small chunks. Don’t say, “We are going to memorize the whole Quran,” say, “We are going to memorize this Surah.” And then name it. For example, say, “My goal is to memorize Surah Al-Fatiha.” Because when you set a small goal and achieve it, your mind will be motivated to achieve more and more goals. 

So set another small goal and achieve it, and so on. We all love making achievements. Don’t let the shaitan lead you and tell you, “Oh, only one Surah, this is too few.” He wants you to feel overwhelmed and end up stopping. So start with an easy Surah for you, and when you finish it, set another goal to memorize a new one, and so on. 

Correct Inculcation  

Avoid the negative repetition. We all know that repetition is the mother of skill. However, there is a kind of repetition that makes no benefit at all; it’s a waste of time. Open the Quran book and keep repeating the area again and again, and nothing is stuck in your head. So how to deal with such a case? Set a timer. Yes, tell your mind that you have to memorize this area or these two lines in 15 minutes, for example, and try to make it a little time.  

What happens is that your mind will feel forced to finish it before the timer rings and will make all your abilities work together to memorize it. But if you do so and find yourself still unable to memorize the areas, try to learn the meaning of the Ayah.

 Not just to learn the meaning of this Ayah, but to discuss it with your friend or with a family member. Usually, when we speak about things, they stick in our heads. And if you find yourself forgetting some words in between the Ayahs or there are a lot of “um” or pauses in between the Ayahs, make sure you memorize the Ayahs joined, not separated.  

Habitual Revision 

Take it as a habit. Remember, your goal shouldn’t be to finish the Quran and to put it aside. The Quran should be in our daily routine. To build up this habit, I recommend you link it with something enjoyable to you. For example, each one of us has a favorite drink that we like to have in the morning or the evening, maybe before going to bed or in the afternoon break. 


In conclusion, mastering the art of Quranic memorization demands dedication, self-awareness, and strategic planning. By implementing these practical tips, you can navigate this transformative journey with confidence and efficiency. Let the Quran not only be a book you read but a beacon illuminating your path toward spiritual enlightenment and success.

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