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Being a Muslim, you should know about the methods and procedures of praying. So, you should know how to pray Witr. It is a way to submit to the god who created you. Allah Almighty gifted prayers to communicate to the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH.

The Witr prayer is a part of the last prayer of the day and allows Muslims to communicate with Allah Almighty. It is one of the ways to ask for help from Allah. Witr prayer with Isha prayer or read with Tahajjud prayer. Both these methods are explained in the Sunnah.

Meaning of Witr

The literal meaning of the term Witr is alone single or odd. In Islam, Witr is a prayer done with the isha prayer and can be done in any part of the night until the time of the Fajr prayer.

The prayer is in odd numbers and mostly reads with the isha prayer. Most people offer this prayer with the isha prayer and don’t delay it until Tajhajjud for fear that they will not wake up. It is one of the things that the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH enjoys every month.

Why is Witr Prayer Important?

In Islam, the Witr prayer holds great importance. It is categorized in the Sunnah prayer and offers a fantastic reward essential for the life hereafter. It is believed that Allah Almighty often listens to dua and grants it when asked after Witr prayer, so it is essential to know how to pray Witr.

It is reported in hadith that Allah has given an additional prayer between isha and fajr, which is a Witr prayer, and you have to read that prayer between isha and fajr.

For a perfect night, Hazrat Muhammad PBUH advised offering Witr prayer.

Is Witr Prayer Wajib or Sunah?

Witr prayer is not wajib; instead, it is a Sunnah Muakkadah. Many scholars advise doing it with Tahajjud prayer. Many scholars support the statement that Witr is Sunnah Muakkadah, but some think that it is an obligatory prayer that is necessary to offer.

Three schools of Muslim fiqh, the Shafae’ee, Maliki, and Hambaliyah, think that Witr is sunnah Muakkadah, and one school, Hanafiya, thinks that Witr is an obligatory prayer that must offer. You can offer Witr according to your school of thought.

If you follow any school of thought other than Hanafiyyah, you don’t have to make a Qadah for Witr, but if you are from Hanafiyyah, you have to do a Qada for Witr prayer.  

Is Witr 1 Rakat or 3?

Witr is a three-Rakat prayer, as reported in a hadith. Abdullah Bin Umer reported that Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said to complete your night prayer with two rakats followed by two rakats and then one Rakat, the Witr to the previous one.

Al Qasim said that As we have reached the age of puberty, we can offer three Rakat Witr prayers.

According to some schools of thought, Witr is one Rakat, and others think that Witr is a three Rakat prayer. 

How to pray 1 rakat witr?

If you want to pray one Rakat Witr, you should know how to pray Witr. You can do it by following step by step guide.

  1. Make an intention that I intend to do one Rakat with and submit to Allah
  2. Stand in the name of Allah and recite Surah Al Fatiha
  3. After that, recite Surah Ikhlas
  4. After reciting Dua e Qanoot
  5. Do Ruku and sujood like other prayers and complete the prayer

How to pray 3 rakat witr

To pray three Rakat Witr, you must read prayers like ordinary prayers. Following is the guide that you should follow. 

1. Make an intention that I intend to submit to Allah and intend to do three Rakat with prayer

  1. Stand in the name of Allah and recite Surah Al Fatiha
  2. After that, recite surah ikhlaas
  3. Complete your second Rakat and recite tashahhud
  4. Stand in the third Rakat and recite surah Al Fatiha
  5. Recite Surah Ikhlaas
  6. After reciting surah Ikhlaas, recite Dua e Qanoot
  7. Do Ruku and sujood like other prayers and complete the prayer

Which Time is Best for Witr?

Witr prayer can be done in different parts of the night. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH often reads prayer in the third part of the night before dawn.

The best time to pray Witr is the third part of the night. You can read Witr prayer with Tahajjud, but if you are afraid that you might not wake up in the middle of the night, you can read Witr prayer with an isha prayer to not miss it.

If you are sure you will wake up in the third part of the night, you should pray your Witr prayer with Tahajjud.

What is Dua Qunoot in Witr?

In Witr, Muslims read a special supplication called Dua Qunoot. It is read before bowing, but it is okay to read it after bowing. It is reported that when Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH faced difficulty, he recited Dua Qunoot.

Dua Qunoot is recited in the third Rakat of Witr, and if you are reading one Rakat Witr, you should recite it in the first Rakat.

You should know how to pray Witr prayer, and if you do not know, you can take a guide from this article.

Dua Qunoot in Arabic

dua e qunoot (How to Pray Witr)

How to pray Witr if you don’t know Dua Qunoot?

If you don’t remember Dua Qunoot by chance, you should recite this dua three times.

How To Pray Witr

When should we pray Witr if missed?

If you are from the Hanafi sect, you must make Qadah for your Witr if you missed them. It is reported in many hadiths that if anyone has missed Witr prayer, you should offer it at another time.

Hazrat Abu Huraira reports that Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said that if morning approaches and you have not to offer Witr prayer, who should offer it in the morning prayer?

Can I pray Witr every night?

You can pray Witr every night as it is sunnah Muakkadah. But it would be best to understand that there must be no repetition in a single night. This practice should be adopted, and you must adhere to it. Witr should be prayed every night, and there should be no repetition in practice.


As a Muslim, you should know how to pray and its importance. The Witr is an additional prayer that Allah gifted to Muslim Ummah. It is one of the favourite activities of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. Witr is a sunnah muakkadah and its qadah is mandatory.

This article provides information about Witr’s importance and method of offering Witr prayer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why is it different from other prayers?

Answer. Witr is an additional prayer gifted to Muslims. Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH stayed in this prayer, even when he was travelling.

Q: Is dua Qunoot necessary for Witr?

Answer. Dua Qunoot is not mandatory, but it is advised to recite it in the Witr prayer by Holy Prophet.

Q: Can Witr be prayed directly after isha?

Answer. Yes, it can be directly prayed after isha before dawn at any time

Q: Can Tahajjud be prayed after Witr?

Answer. Yes, Tahajjud can be prayed after Witr.

Q: How many rakats are prayed when Tahajjud and isha pray together?

Answer. You can pray two Rakat to 12 rakats if you want to, but two rakats should be prayed minimum.


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