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Is Vanilla Extract Halal

Is Vanilla Extract Halal? Complete Guide From Hadith

Vanilla Extract is a type of liquid that is used in different food products like cakes and cookies. Most vanilla contains beans. But the question arises: Is vanilla extract halal? To answer these questions, we have tried our best to clear confusion about vanilla extract status, whether it is halal or haram.

Muslims all around the world prefer halal food and those products that meet Islamic Principles. Read below to understand if the vanilla extract is halal.

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Overview Of Vanilla Extract Production

Muslim community wants to know how vanilla extract is prepared. In the first step, vanilla extract is soaked by vanilla beans in alcohol and water. After that, a liquid is obtained that contains vanilla extract. Many people asked about vanilla extract and whether it is hala because it contains alcohol. 

Reference From Hadith

Following are some hadith that will be helpful to clear your concepts about products that contain alcohol.

  • “Every intoxicant is wine(Khamr) and every intoxicant is prohibited” (Sahih Muslim)
  • “Don’t curse because it comes from intoxicant and thus crus will take effect” (Sunan Abi Dawood)
  • “Person that drinks intoxicants like alcoholic things and then prays, so his prayers are accepted until forty days” (Sunan Ibn Majah)
  • “From among the things that are dirty of the son of Adam is, he drinks what God has given him and then stand with it in prayer” (Jami’at Tirmidhi)

Does vanilla Extract have alcohol?

Yes, Vanilla extract has alcohol in it. During the process of extracting vanilla flavor through beans, alcohol is derived. According to the Food and Drug Administration, Vanilla contains 35% alcohol to capture the flavor of vanilla beans. 

What Are Different Ingredients in Vanilla Extract?

Vanilla Extract contains water, alcohol, and vanilla beans. Below is the complete discussion of which type of ingredients vanilla extract has.

Ingredients  of Vanilla Extract

1. Water

Water is an important ingredient of the vanilla extract used to pull out flavor from beans. Moreover, it is used with alcohol, creating solutions for percolating and macerating the vanilla beans.

2. Vanilla Beans

One of the most important ingredients of vanilla extract is vanilla beans, which are responsible for vanilla flavor.

3. Alcohol

To extract vanilla flavor, vanilla is soaked with water and alcohol. Therefore, alcohol is crucial in extracting yummy flavor from the beans.

4. Sugar

Vanilla extract naturally contains sugar in it. That sugar is used to enhance the sweetness and taste of the vanilla.

5. Oils

Oil is another factor that vanilla extract contains naturally. This oil is released when beans undergo the cooking process.

Different Types of Vanilla Extract

There are mainly two types of vanilla extract, pure and imitation, given below.

Types of Vanilla Extract

1. Pure Vanilla

Pure vanilla is considered authentic and quality because it comes through direct production. It contains percolating and macerating vanilla beans in water and alcohol. This type of vanilla contains 35% to 40% pure alcohol.

2. Imitation Vanilla

It is also known as vanilla flavoring or artificial vanilla. Most imitation vanilla is extracted through synthetic ways. However, the main sources of imitation vanilla extract are eugenol, lignin, and guaiacol. It looks like pure vanilla but lacks the depth of the pure vanilla extract.

Some Other Types of Vanilla Extract

Below are some additional vanilla extract types specified for the country or its characteristics. 

1. Tahitian Vanilla Extract

It is grown in the South Pacific Islands of Thailand. Therefore, it is known as Tahitian vanilla extract. This type of vanilla extract contains fruity and floral-like notes, which are unique in flavor. 

2. Madagascar Vanilla Extract

Madagascar vanilla extract is another type of vanilla extract that is known for its classic flavor. It is the most common type and contains a sweet, creamy flavor. 

3. Bourbon Vanilla Extract

It comes from different regions, including Indian Ocean Island, Reunion Island, and Madagascar. Moreover, Bourbon vanilla extract contains vanilla beans with a creamy and sweet flavor. 

4. Mexican Vanilla Extract

Mexican Vanilla Extract is grown in different areas of Mexico and has vanilla beans. Besides these, it contains a spicy and creamy flavor. 

5. Uganda Vanilla Extract

It is cultivated in several areas of Uganda that contain Vanilla Planifolia beans. Uganda’s Vanilla Extract has a chocolate flavor in it. 

Where is Vanilla Extract used?

Vanilla extract is for the following purposes:

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Beverages.
  • Yogurt and Parfaits.
  • Sauces and Syrups.
  • Frostings and Icings.

Frequently Asked Questions: Is Vanilla Extract Halal?

How much alcohol in vanilla extract is halal?

After debating with Islamic intellectuals, it is decided those products that contain alcohol less than 0.1% are halal. Moreover, these products should not be pulled from alcoholic beverages. 

Can Muslims eat vanilla ice cream?

No, Muslims are now allowed to eat Vanilla ice cream because it contains some ingredients that are not according to Islamic rules, so Muslims can use such a product that contains more than 0.1%. 

Does Queen Vanilla Extract have alcohol in it?

Yes, Queen vanilla extract has 35% alcohol in it. Most Muslims avoid these products because they are not prepared according to Islamic rules. 

Is Vanilla Essence halal?

The most frequent question that comes from Muslims is vanilla Extract halal. Is vanilla essence halal? So, these products are not halal because they contain some alcohol that is permissible in Islam. 

Is Vanilla Extract vegan?

Vanilla Extract is vegan, whether prepared artificially or naturally because it emanates through vanilla beans. 

Conclusion: Is Vanilla Extract Halal?

Muslims always prefer halal products, so before using them, they want to know, is vanilla Extract halal or haram? Vanilla extract contains 35% to 40% of alcohol with vanilla beans. Therefore, it is permissible for Muslims. We hope this article will help clear all your concepts about vanilla extract’s halal or haram status. 

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