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Is Wingstop Halal or haram

Is Wingstop Halal or Haram? Can Muslims Eat It?

Wingstop is a restaurant chain in the United States that serves chicken wings, but the rise is Wingstop halal or haram. This article will provide all guidance about Wingstop. 

Wingstop is a famous restaurant that was founded back in 1994. It delivers delicious chicken wings all over the world. But many Muslims are curious to know whether they can eat Wingstop or not. Read more to know whether Wingstop is halal or haram.

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What is Halal in Islam?

Halal Meat in Islam

The food which is prepared according to Islamic rules is considered halal. It means that food fulfills all Islamic principles and contains no prohibited parts like alcohol or pork. 

Eating halal food is considered to uphold Islamic and cultural identity. It also recreates a vital role in health matters. That’s why Muslims always prefer halal options at the time of dining. 

What Exactly is Halal Meat?

Like gelatin bone char, meat containing no outlawed part is considered halal. So, Wingstop is a product prepared according to Islamic rules and regulations. Therefore, Muslims can eat them.

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Why is Wingstop Halal?

The animals slaughtered by hand or through machines according to Islamic rules are considered halal. Moreover, Jews, Christians and Muslims slaughtered food regarded as halal. 

Once, a Jew invited the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and presented a lamb. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) ate it and asked no questions about its halal or haram status. 

In Sahih Bukhari, it is mentioned some people brought meat to the Holy Prophet and asked if we did not know enough about it, whether it is halal or haram. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said you can eat it by saying Bismillah over it.

The above discussion shows that the food slaughtered by Muslims, Christians, and Jews is halal but must meet Islamic principles. 

Wingstop’s Halal Options

Wingstop Halal or Non-Halal Options

Some Wingstops chains serve halal food. But before eating anything from Wingstop, the restaurant ensures that they provide halal food because sometimes staff hand out the menu that contains halal products, but actually, those products are not. Moreover, you can check Wingstop’s certificate showing they serve halal.

Therefore, before eating Wingstop chicken, you must verify the served product is halal. Eating halal products shows you uphold Islamic principles.

Wingstop’s Non-Halal Options

It is crucial to know whether Wingstop’s product is halal or haram. The products that contain forbidden parts, like alcohol or pork, would be regarded as haram. 

It is also essential to verify whether Wingstops delivered chicken or meat products are slaughtered according to Islamic laws and principles. Sometimes, they can slaughter chicken or meat through machines that do not fulfill Islamic requirements, which would be considered haram.

Is Wingstop Halal in the USA?

Wingstop does not provide halal products in all locations in the US. However, there are some places where Wingstop serves halal products. Therefore, you must verify the halal certificate for Wingstop Chicken or meat. The following are ways to verify the halal status of Wingstop food.

  • Call the restaurant and ask whether they serve halal products.
  • You can also obtain information through email. 
  • Check the official web page of Wingstop’s whether they deliver halal food
  • You can also ask friends or family members who have visited the Wingstop’s restaurant.

Is Wingstop Halal in the UK

Yes, Wingstops serves halal food in the UK. In 2019, it was announced that the company in the UK would provide halal meat and chicken. It means that the chicken presented by Wingstop UK is slaughtered according to Islamic principles. Moreover, they have an HFA (Halal Food Authority) certificate for their products. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Is Wingstop Halal?

Is Wingstop Zabiha halal?

Yes, Wingstop Zabiha is halal because it is slaughtered according to Islamic principles. Zabiha is a certificate showing that an animal is slaughtered according to rules and regulations. Further, Wingstop’s branches provide Zabiha halal while others do not. So, verifying the halal status of the Wingstop chicken and meat would be best.

Is Halal certification available at Wingstop?

The halal status of the Wingstop varies with locations, for example.

In the United States – Not all Wingstops restaurants serve halal food, so before visiting, ensure whether that branch serves halal food.

In the United Kingdom – In 2019, Wingtops UK announced they serve halal products. 

Is Wingstop a Halal establishment?

No, because they also serve some products that contain alcohol and porks. They also provide chicken and meats that are slaughtered according to Islamic principles. 

Can I order halal food at Wingstop?

You can order halal food at Wingstop, but ensure they serve halal products because some Wingstop chains do not serve halal foods. 

Is it true that all Wingstop locations are non-halal?

No, it’s not true because various chains serve halal food. Moreover, restaurants in the UK serve halal, which was announced back in 2019. If you are more curious about halal products, check the official web page of Wingstops. 

Conclusion: Is Wingstop Halal?

Muslims always prefer halal products like chicken and meat. Therefore, they want to acquire guidance about Wingstop products. I hope the article has cleared up your confusion about Wingstops chicken and meat. 

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