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Loh e Qurani (لوح قرآنی) – 25 Powerful Benefits & Wazaif

In Quran, Allah Almighty has revealed many things, and some things are not disclosed but loh e qurani is the most beneficial thing for us. Their meaning is unknown to humanity except for Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. Those words have some meaning that is not revealed to anyone.

As a Muslim, it is strongly believed that Loh e Qurani contains hidden meaning that gives directions to spend your life according to the wish of Allah Almighty. You often see these words hanging on walls in Muslim homes or cars, showing that they have strong faith in these words that will protect them from any harm.

These words are often recited in different supplications to get favors and benefits from Allah Almighty. These words are present in other chapters of the Holy Quran and are repeated in abbreviated form. These words are Arabic codes that Allah Almighty has revealed in the Holy Quran.

The literal meaning of the word ‘Loh’ is ‘tablet‘ or anything which heals. The Lohe Qurani comprises of total 29 letters that appear at the starting of Surahs in the Holy Quran. These are Arabic letters and they appear as prefixes at the start of Surahs. 

These words hold immense power that can solve many problems in your life. They can be treated as a charm that will enlighten your path to divine success. They are the words given to the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH when he went on a journey of Mairaj.

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What does Loh e Qurani mean?

Loh e Qurani is twenty-nine words at the start of Surahs between surah Baqarah and surah Nooh.

The meaning of Loh in Arabic is a tablet. They are often called Huroof e Muqatteaat. These words carry hidden messages, often called Rumuz, which means secret code. It is common thinking that these words are abbreviations of complete words.

These prefixes are present at the start of the Surah. Sometimes they attend alone, but in other cases, they are in groups of two three or four, or five letters. This Rumuz contains information for Muslims on how they should spend their life.

The codes of life for Muslims are well defined in hadiths. They are encoded in Huroof e Muqateaat. The exact meaning of these words is only known to Allah Almighty and his prophets. Some Islamic researchers think that they are the core of the Holy Quran.

Some Islamic researchers also believe that these words have abbreviations, for instance. The word ‘noon’ would stand for the word “noor.” In the early days of Islam, Arabs were proud that only they were eloquent, but Allah revealed the Quran in Arabic and showed that the Arabic they speak is far from the eloquence of Arabic revealed in the Holy Quran.

Importance of Loh e Qurani

They are considered a source of blessing among all Muslims. Even when Muslims do not know their meaning, they use them in their prayers. These words are respected everywhere; you can see them on walls in Muslim houses or cars.

You do not have to know the meaning of these holy words. You can use them in your daily prayers as they can give you immense benefits. The importance of this supplication is equal for all Muslims. even though no one knows the meaning of these words but these words mark importance in the life of every individual. From hanging in walls to swinging in cars, Lohe Qurani is being respected everywhere.

As Lohe Qurani is the ultimate source of blessings and is considered as the protection from sins and evil eyes so its importance is marked and respected by Muslims all over the globe. People do not know their importance, but it does not matter because they can give you huge benefits even when you don’t know their meanings.

As described earlier that the meaning of these words is still unknown but according to some scholars these words are the name of elements that are found in the human body. Some scholars also suggest that it is the language that is used by Allah to differentiate the Arabs from their language. Many scholars also explain that these letters are the short form of some words but the authentic explanation and meaning of the Loh e Qurani is still unknown and the scholars and researchers are still trying to discover some secrets about the Lohe Qurani.

They can bring endless benefits to your life in this mortal world and hereafter.

Uses of Loh e Qurani

Loh e Qurani

Prophet Muhammad PBUH has advised the Ummah to recite those words as they can give immense bliss if repeated with faith, passion, and affection. Not only that but these letters can turn into paintings – which can be hung on your wall! It is a great way to respect and praise the Guru who has guided us through these pages.

Moreover, Every Muslim must know about it to practice Islam in a better manner. But most of us still could not understand its meaning, importance, and benefits. They can be used as wall hangings so you can see them all the time and recite them all day when you see them. Don’t worry; I will discuss everything in this article briefly that will prove helpful to increase your knowledge for the betterment of your practical life. First of all, we need to understand the meaning of these words.

Another purpose of hanging these paintings is that by reciting them off and on, you can get close to your creator.

As there are many spiritual Lohe Qurani benefits so they are used massively for hanging on the walls and are recited frequently. The major use of Lohe Qurani is in the fields of art and calligraphy. Some specialized painters and calligraphers paint these words and sell them out so that people may read and recite them in their daily life.

In most Arab countries, these are used as calligraphies and are mostly best sellers. You can also see them hanging in the cars for the abovementioned purpose. Everything is included in God’s knowledge, which is not limited by time or place. These words are also called code words because only Allah and His Prophets know about their meaning and we believe their meanings whatever they may be.

It can be used to ask favors from Allah Almighty and build close relations with Allah. The Loh e Qurani is very popular in the West and East. Many business owners are creating oil paintings of the most beautiful letters of the Loh e Qurani so that customers can purchase them reasonably, which many customers find appealing.

Loh e Qurani Wazifa

Loh e Qurani Wazifa

Huroof e Muqateaat can solve many issues in life. Some of those Wazaif are given below. There are many benefits associated with reciting Loh e Qurani. It can help one feel more connected to Allah and also improves their relationship with him. It can also help one feel more connected to Muhammad by reading about his life through these verses.

Fixing your daily issues

  • Make ablution
  • Cover yourself from head to toe.
  • Move your body and turn your face in the direction of Khana Qa’baa.
  • Get a prayer mat and sit on it.
  • It has the original Arabic text, so it can be read from left to right as well as from right to left. It has an audio version of Loh e Qurani which makes it an amazing tool for those who have difficulties reading or listening to text.
  • Recite durood e Ibrahimi 7 times.
  • Only by looking towards the painting or image of these words, you will get your desire if your desire will be better for you.
  • The person who will make a pattern to recite these words will be more successful both now and in the afterlife as a result.
  • Recite Kaf Ha Ya Ain Suad by folding your small finger first, then your ring finger, then your middle finger, then your index finger, and at last thumb.
  • Many Muslims wear a necklace containing a verse from the Quran to fend off adversaries and evil spirits while strengthening their devotion to Allah (SWT).
  • After that, recite durood e Ebrahimi seven times.
  • Make supplication and beg Allah Almighty to fix your problem. By the will of Allah, the issue will be resolved.

Safety for travel

  • Recite durood e Ebrahimi three times.
  • Recite surah Al Fatiha 1 time
  • Recite Surah Ikhlaas three times.
  • Recite Alif Laam meem 50 times.
  • Recite durood e Ibrahimi.

33 Loh e Qurani benefits

  1. By reciting these Huroof, you can make your day the best. You will find your day more peaceful than the rest of the days.
  2. Will be succeeded in your life. They can bring you success from a path that you have never imagined.
  3. It is considered as supplication of success for Muslims.
  4. These words are also considered as the guidance for the mankind.
  5. By reciting those words, your day will be the best. You will have an excellent start to your day.
  6. Recitation of those words will bring your success and be a guideline for yourself. These guidelines will take you to the path of success waiting for you.
  7. These words can bring peace to your mind and soul. Peace of your mind is a great wealth. Your connection with your lord will be stronger.
  8. Huroof e Muqateaat can protect you from all evils in your path. They will create a barrier between you and upcoming troubles. 
  9. These words can solve all your social problems and relieve your mental stress.
  10. You can feel wholeness in your life by reciting these words. The complete life is worth it. These words let you be content with the things you already have and give you hope for your bright future.
  11. These words are considered remedies for many diseases. If you recite these words regularly, many illnesses will not harm you, and infections will be removed from your fate.
  12. They are the best source of guiding someone when facing life difficulties.
  13. These words can be a bridge between Allah Almighty and his servant.
  14. They are the ultimate source of increase in Rizq of anyone. The meaning of food does not bind the word Rizq; it also means mental and physical satisfaction.
  15. For protection against black magic, these words should be recited daily.
  16. Many diseases can be cured if these words are chanted regularly.
  17. Many financial, social, and family relations are sorted by reciting these words regularly. If you cannot handle issues, you must repeat these words regularly.
  18. These words are a source of protection against any calamity for your house. If you recite them in the morning and the evening, you can protect yourself and your home from different disasters.
  19. Black magic is the worst reality in the world. Daily recitation of Loh e Qurani would protect you from black magic. For this reason, some Muslims recite these words during important events like weddings or when they are beginning a new business.
  20. They pave your way to the Jannah. The ultimate goal of any Muslim is to be in heaven, and chanting these will take you one step closer to your actual destination.
  21. It can protect your mental health. You can solve your problems with a calm mind. This practice will enable you to do your activities in good shape. 
  22. These words will increase your spiritual strength and help you infight with the devil. It is reported in hadiths that satan will come from the front, back, above, and below. He runs in the veins of a man like blood. These holy words will help you to fight against him.  
  23. They are easy to read, and you can recite them anywhere easily. These words are short, yet they give huge benefits. You will get ten rewards if you recite one word from the holy Quran, but if you repeat one Harf e Muqateaat, e.g., Alif Laam Meem, you will get 30 rewards.
  24. The constant recitation of Lohe Qurani also brings abundance in the rizq of a believer.
  25. It is the source of protection from the enemies and evils.
  26. They are the ultimate source of blessings over the believers.
  27. The recitation of Lohe Qurani is also considered as the remedy for an illness.
  28. If you see these words in the morning, all problems of your day will lessen. You will be able to handle your issues efficiently and effectively. 
  29. If any person sees these words, it may eliminate all the ailments that they can have on that particular day. The risk of getting any disease is minimized by chanting these words. 
  30. By reciting those words, you can fulfill your legal desires, and Allah will help you to achieve them.
  31. These words help you to maintain a close relationship with Allah.
  32. Lohe Qurnai is the best source of helping one in the difficult phases and zones.
  33. By reading and reciting them, one can get closer to Allah which is the ultimate sign of success.
  34. You can achieve your goals by chanting these words daily. 

Loh e Qurani Wallpaper/Pics

These holy words hold great importance. If you see them every day, you will get divine bliss. Every single letter or word of the Quran has its importance because the Quran is the word of ALLAH. Similarly, these hidden words are also very important although we do not know their meanings. Through the decades, these most beautiful and Holy words have been preserved.

You can see them on your lock screen whenever you open your mobile phone. Some of these wallpapers are given below. Muslims firmly believe that the recital of Loh e Qurani comes with numerous benefits. There are many benefits that even humans do not know about.

loh e qurani wallpapersLoh e Qurani wallpaper

Loh e Qurani Calligraphy

Calligraphy of Huroof e Muqateaat is the best seller in Muslim countries. You often see these paintings in Muslim hoses. They are hung so everyone can see and recite them whenever they are seen. You often see their small pictures in cars. This prayer is equally essential to all Muslims. However, the majority of people are unaware of the term’s true meaning. That’s okay; it makes no difference to them as they value this prayer equally regardless of whether they comprehend its meaning or not.

The purpose of turning them in vehicles is the same as in houses, where everyone sees and recites them. Our tasks are less likely to fail, and we can easily accomplish everything on our schedule. Because of this, many Muslims daily read Loh e Qurani every morning during their waking hours before beginning work or heading to school or elsewhere.

Many styles of calligraphies are available. Some of them are as below.

Loh e Qurani CalligraphyLoh e Qurani calligraphyLoh e Qurani Calligraphy


Loh e Qurani is the code at the start of twenty-nine surahs between Surah Baqarah and Surah Nooh. These words are also known as Rumooz, which means secrets. The meaning of these words is only known to Allah Almighty and his prophets.

Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH has advised Muslims to recite these words once a day because of their vast benefits. He often advised his companions to read them.

The recitation of Loh e Qurani is known for bringing guidance and success. However, nearly all people are in pursuit of success, whether in their professional or personal life. There are many prescribed religious practices through which humans can attain it.

You do not have to know these words’ meanings, as they can benefit you when you recite them. As we know there is no specific time for the recitation of the Quran. But there are some moments in which Allah is more close to a person and when he recites, he accepts his recitation and dua on the spot. So we should try to recite these words in the morning specifically. Because the rizq is distributed in the morning and when we start the day with the Holy words of Allah, our day will be passed out without any problem or difficulty.

There are many online stores that sell these calligraphic paintings and Muslims hang these paintings in their houses, offices and shops. You can build a strong relationship with Allah Almighty by repeating these words.

These letters are called Rumooz, meaning ‘codes’ in Arabic. The Rumooz carry messages which tell one how to live their lives as Muslims and what Allah expects them to do. Our Prophet Mohammad also relayed these crucial messages through his hadiths so they could be adequately preserved for future generations.

These holy words can create barriers between you and the hurdles you will face daily. They can block all evils that can create troubles in your life. They can even stop black magic. The benefits of these words have no limits, and they cross all barriers. 

The importance of this supplication is equal for all Muslims. Even so, most people don’t know the real meaning behind its words. That’s quite alright; it makes no difference to them because this supplication is as essential in their lives as it would be if they knew what it meant.

This article guides you about the literal meaning of the word Loh and the hypothetically explained Huroof e Muqatteaat. Hypothetical sense is not considered correct because of an insufficient description of hadiths. The benefits of chanting these words in this article will encourage you about their daily recitation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have to recite Loh e Qurani daily?

You have to recite these words because they can prevent many disasters. They can even control black magic. They give you eternal bliss.

What does Loh e Qurani mean?

The exact meaning of these words is still being determined, as Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad did not disclose the purpose. The importance of these holy words is only known to Allah Almighty and His prophets.

Why is Loh e Qurani also called Rumooz?

They are called Rumooz because the exact meaning of these words is not told to Muslim Ummah. They are Arabic codes whose intention is only known to Allah Almighty.

What is another name for Loh e Qurani?

They are also called Huroof e Muqatteaat. They are also called Rumuz, as they have no exact meaning. 

Which surah starts with loh e Quran?

Following surahs start with Huroof e muqatteaat

  1. Surah Baqarah
  2. Surah Al Imran
  3. Surah Qaaf
  4. Surah Qalam
  5. Surah Ahqaaf
  6. Surah Jathiya
  7. Surah Saad
  8. Surah Ya seen
  9. Surah Ta Ha
  10. Surah Naml
  11. Surah Dakhaan
  12. Surah Al Zukhruf
  13. Surah Al Shuraa
  14. Surah Fussilat
  15. Surah Ghafir
  16. Surah Al Sajadah
  17. Surah Al Hijr
  18. Surah Al Ra’ad
  19. Surah Yoosuf
  20. Surah Yunus
  21. Surah Hood
  22. Surah Anfal
  23. Surah Maryam
  24. Surah Al Qasas
  25. Surah Ankaboot
  26. Surah Luqman
  27. Surah Shua’raa
  28. Surah Ibrahim
  29. Surah A’raaf

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