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Sadaqah is the donation given to the persons. Being a Muslim, you urge to gather some good deeds that can help you in the life hereafter. Unlike sadaqah, Sadaqah Jariyah is a donation or an act that will continue even after you have died. It is a continuous charity that can cross borders and limits of time.

It can be in any form that has a long-term benefit for humanity. Sadqa is a donation or charity given at once, but if it is continuous, it can provide long-term benefits. For any Muslim, it is an excellent deal, anything that will reward him for the afterlife, and this type of sadaqah gives that opportunity.

Sadaqah Jariyah meaning in Islam

It is reported in hadiths that this type of sadaqah is one of those things that will benefit you even after death. In Islam, this type of sadaqah holds great importance because it is like killing two birds with one stone; its first benefit is for the person who donated, and the second benefit is for the society in which this type of sadaqah is given.

It provides a long-lasting benefit to the community and the donator. Islam is a complete code of life that prioritize mutual and social benefits compared to personal use. So, this type of sadaqah holds great importance because it gives an advantage to society.

What is best Sadaqah Jariyah?

Suppose you are traveling in hot weather and your car is stuck in the middle of nowhere; what will be your need? It is reported in hadiths that the best ongoing donation is a glass of water.

It is an ongoing donation if you plant a water cooler on the road or outside your house. Million people will be benefitted from this act. Water, an essential compound for life, is necessary for all kinds of life, and having clean water for drinking is a blessing for humans and animals. Giving water to drink is the best gift for every organism. That’s why Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad prioritizes water as a continuous donation.

How to Donate Sadaqah Jariyah Online?

Donate Sadaqah Jariyah Online

The continuous donation can be paid online like ordinary sadaqah. Ongoing assistance is like a spring that, once it starts, never ends. So as a Muslim making continuous donations will take you one step close to your final destination, i.e., Jannah.

If you are busy and have a tight schedule and cannot give your sadaqah personally, you can give your donation online. Like-wise continuous contributions can also be offered online. Many websites are available that can collect your ongoing donation and will assure their best use for the benefit of the welfare of humankind. Online continuous donations can be used to build schools, mosques, artificial plant gardens, etc.

Where I can Donate Sadaqah Jariyah?

Finding a place for continuous donations is a minor deal. It can be done through different methods. The best way is told in hadith, i.e., planting a water cooler. It can also be done by building a mosque, school, hospital, or orphanage.

Continuous donations can also be given to NGOs that work for the relief of humanity. For example, if the organization is involved in creating farms, then your gift can be utilized to meet the requirement.

  • It can also be donated to charity schools to meet their expenses.
  • It can also be given to charity hospitals to buy the necessary equipment.
  • It can also be given to an organization that helps needy farmers.

What is the difference between Sadaqah and Sadaqah Jariyah?

Donation and continuous donation are two different things. If you want to know more about sadaqah, read What is Sadaqah in Islam.

  • Donation is given at once, for example, providing a family food to eat or alms, whereas Continuous contribution is given once but continues afterward, for example, a plant fruit tree that will provide a long-term benefit to animals and birds as well as humans
  • Donation is short-term and temporary. Contrary to the contribution, continuous assistance is long-term and approximately permanent.
  • Donation ends when it is given; however, continuous offering continues even after death.
  • The gift provides its reward at once, whereas ongoing assistance gives it even after the donator dies.
  • The donation can benefit a person or group to whom it is given. In contrast, continuous donation helps the persons to it was not provided then.

Examples of Sadaqah Jariyah

Continuous donation is a running and long-term charity that lasts even after a person’s death. It is an act of helping society and getting a reward without being bordered by time limits. Continuous donation holds great importance in Islam because it constantly rewards the donator and the community. Society needs acts like continuous donations because it gives lasting benefits to humanity and it has an enduring effect on society.

Building a school, buying necessities for orphans providing them with education and skill that can help them in life, or making a hospital and buying equipment that can be used to treat patients can also be considered a continuous donation.

Sadqah Jariyah

1. Sadaqah Jariyah for parents

It is reported in hadith that the best continuous donation for a parent is his pious child. A virtuous child is a blessing to his parents and the society he lives in. he can lead a generation that will benefit the community. A child with good moral values can build a society with good moral values. He can cure social diseases and bring down the cruelty of humanity.

Suppose you want to make a continuous donation for your deceased parents. In that case, you can pay funds to any charity school, make donations to any orphanage, or educate needy children about skills that will help them in their journey to unpredictable life.

2. Sadaqah Jariyah water well

Water is necessary for every life. If you want to make a continuous donation, you can dig a well in any remote area or plant a water cooler to benefit the people going through that area. It is the best kind of continuous donation mentioned in hadiths.

Water well can quench humanity. It gives off water to humans, thirsty animals, and birds. So, it is considered the best deed to reward you and your ancestors. It can also be an excellent gift for your children because it will draw them one step close to their great reward in the afterlife.

3. Build a mosque

If you want to build a mosque, it would be an excellent activity for continuous donations. Holy Prophet appreciated and advised them to make a mosque so that Muslims could have a proper place to pray. If a person builds a mosque, he will be rewarded with a palace in Jannah, as mentioned in hadiths.

Muslims can pray in that mosque for a long time. It provides a place for people who want to pray to Allah Almighty in solitude. You will be rewarded for every recitation of the Holy Quran whenever you supplicate and whenever prays to Allah Almighty. You can donate a piece of land you own to erect a mosque.

4. Plant a tree Sadaqah Jariyah

Nowadays, deforestation is a significant problem that affects the environment. Many developing countries face climate change and issues like floods and drought. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH encouraged Muslims to plant trees and told them it would be an excellent continuous donation when a person received a reward for sowing seeds. It grows into a tree, and animals, birds, and humans feed on the fruits of that tree.

You can plant trees outside your house or in the park in your locality, and people will benefit from its shade in the scorching sun, and if that is a fruit tree, animals, birds, and humans will benefit from its fruits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What can be considered as sadaqah Jariyah?

Answer. Long-term acts of kindness can be considered continuous donations.

Q: Which is the best continuous donation?

Answer. Digging a water cooler is considered the best continuous donation.

Q: Can feeding the poor be considered a continuous donation?

Answer. No, it cannot be considered a continuous donation. Instead, it is regarded as a donation.

Q: Can zakat be considered a continuous donation?

Answer. No zakat and continuous donation are two completely different things

Final Words

Sadaqah Jariyah is one of the best deeds a Muslim can do to be benefitted in the life hereafter. It can be done by doing some small deeds. Giving a glass of water to drink or planting a tree is a small act that can have a multiplied reward. It can provide benefit you as well as your family.

A continuous donation can be made in various forms. Still, the best is to plant a water cooler or dig a well so that the creature of Allah Almighty gets the benefit, which will take you to the reward destination promised by Allah Almighty. In this article, I have guided you about the benefits of continuous donation and how you can make a regular donation.

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