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What is Sadaqah | Meaning, 2 Best Types

Sadaqah in Islam is a complete code of conduct. It tends humans to create a helpful society. Solving each other’s problems is a crucial part of making a society. In Islamic culture, financial issues can be solved by Zakat and Sadaqa. Explanation of Hadith says that Sadqa guards against all calamities except death.

It is optional to spend money in terms of Sadaqa. Solving one’s problems, planting a tree, or making someone smile can also be considered Sadaqa. It can be a help, whether financially or of some other kind. In this article, I will guide you about some significant points that you might find tricky regarding Sadaqa

Sadaqah Meaning

Sadaqa can be explained as charity done by someone without any benefit. The literal meaning of Sadaqa is charity or generosity. The Arabic roots of Sadqa are ‘Sidq,’ which means truth, sincerity, and completing the deals. According to the Quran, sadaqah is one of the best ways to please Allah Almighty.

Sadaqah in Islam

In Islam, Sadaqa is a charity given to anyone for the sake of Allah Almighty. Different from Zakat, there is no restriction like Nisab for giving alms. Every person can provide Sadaqa and can offer as much as he wants. No one is bound to give donations; instead, it is done voluntarily.

It has no limitations. One can give as much as he wants. In the history of Islam, we can see that the Holy Prophet PBUH’s companions have created legendary examples of giving Sadaqa. Many companions gave most of their wealth and kept a little to themselves to fulfilling their needs.

Sadaqah in Hadiths

In considerable hadiths Holy prophet PBUH has told us about the simplicity of Sadaqa. In one scenario,

  • Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said, “Giving a smile or saying some kind words can also be considered Sadaqa.
  • In another context, the Holy Prophet PBUH said: When a person dies, only three things help him in the afterlife; his good deeds, charity, and a good child.
  • In another sitting Prophet, Muhammad PBUH said: “If a person fulfills the need of his Muslim brother Allah will fulfill his needs.”

Sadaqa vs. Zakat

  • Sadaqa is an encouraged and willful act. Most importantly, despite their differences, both earn Allah’s (SWT) delight and reward.
  • Zakat is one of Islam’s five pillars. Every Muslim is obligated to complete it in each year of their life as long as they have the power and meet the criteria.

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Types of Sadaqah

Sadaqa has no boundaries. It can be given in any form or any kind. It will help fellow humans with problems. Any financial, moral, or emotional support that can change someone’s life a little or more can be considered in Sadqa. Sadaqa can be of two types. There is no restriction on giving a Sadqa, as it can vary from person to person.

  • Sadaqah
  • Sadaqa e Jariya

1. Sadaqa

The first type includes multiple different types of Sadqa, such as

  • Smiling for someone
  • Making dua
  • Donate if anyone needs it
  • Helping animals if they need

2. Sadaqa Jariyah

Sadaqa Jariyah is of different kinds like other ones. It can be as

  • .Teaching someone
  • Building a mosque or school
  • Plant a tree
  • Help the poor establish business
  • Digging a well or placing a water cooler etc.
  • What is a Sadaqa donation?

What is a Sadaqa donation?

Sadaqa Jariyah

Sadqa donation is charity money given to people or organizations. As to the population’s growing needs, resources are scarce, leading to an increased inflation rate in developing countries. This money can solve the financial problems of needy families or charitable institutions.

Sadqa can be given in the form of a Sadqaha donation. It can be given to needy people or public-funded human welfare institutions. It can be given to non-government organizations working for the public’s welfare. It can also be given to charity organizations and schools.

How to donate Sadaqa online?

  • Suppose you cannot find someone nearby to whom you can give Sadqa. In that case, you can provide Sadaqa online as many organizations provide services in collecting Sadaqa for the poor and needy people worldwide. Different software is available that can help you to target the needy people for giving alms.
  • Your donation can change the life of needy people around the world. This donation will help you in the afterlife if you have pure and good intentions.

Where can I give Sadaqa?

donate Sadaqa

  • If you are curious about where you can give Sadaqa, you can target needy people. You can also provide sadaqah to hospitals, charity schools, madrassahs, and other non-government organizations that genuinely work for the betterment of humanity
  • Multiple organizations could be present nearby your locality. You can give your sadaqah to those organizations.
  • You can also give your Sadaqa to the poor and needy people near you. You have to identify these people who are deprived in real and those who are faking it.
  • It is vital because your sadaqah will reach the poor and needy people who need it and might solve their financial issues.
    How to give Sadaqa for illnesses?

How to give Sadaqa for illnesses?

As reported by Prophet Hazarat Muhammad: “Every adversity can be resolved by sadaqah except death.”

  • All kinds of illnesses can be delayed by giving Sadaqa.
  • For this purpose, Sadaqa can be given in the form of money or in any other form.
  • If you plant a tree, place a water cooler on the bank of a road, or make a shelter for people or animals, it can be categorized as Sadaqa e Jariyah.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who deserves Sadaqa?

Answer. Sadaqa can be given to any deserving one, whether it can be a human or an animal. Even if you smile for a person or quench the thirst of a stray cat or dog, it can be categorized as Sadaqa.

Q. Who should be prioritized for giving Sadaqa?

Answer.  As mentioned in hadiths and verses of the Holy Quran, the money spent on parents, relatives, and needy people is best and can be considered in sadaqah.

Q. Can sadaqah reduce sins?

Answer. Holy Prophet said: “Sadaqa extinguishes sins as fire extinguishes water .” So we can infer that Sadaqa will reduce sins to little.

Q. Who can give Sadaqa?

Answer.  Anyone can give Sadaqa as there is no restriction on it. Every person, whether poor or not, can provide sadaqah according to their financial condition.

Q. How is Sadaqa different from Sadaqa e Jaryia?

Answer. Sadaqa is a short-term donation that a person gives, whereas Sadaqa e Jariyah is a long-term charity that a person provides or contributes to society.

Q. Can Sadaqa be given any time?

Answer. Yes, Sadqa is given any time throughout the year as it is a charity done to get the happiness of Allah Almighty. But the best time to provide Sadqa is the month of Ramadan. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH increased Sadaqa in Ramadan

Final Words

Sadaqa is a charity done by anyone to get joy from Allah. There is no limit or condition regarding sadaqah. It can be given to close relatives, unlike Zakat. Small acts can be considered Sadaqa. In this article, I have guided you briefly about Sadaqa and its benefits to Quranic verses and Hadiths. This article will help you to find the answer to your questions.

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