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Signs of the Day of Judgement

Significant Signs of the Day of Judgement in Islam & Quran Fact

Belief in the day of resurrection is one of the essential foundations of Islam. Today is the day when each person will account for their actions. Good acts will reward people, or evil deeds will result in punishment. It establishes whether he will spend eternity in heaven or damnation. Neither angels nor prophets know the exact date of the Day of Resurrection. In this article, we discuss the signs of the day of the judgement of Islam.

Events that occur before the last day are known as the indicators of the last day. There are two types of these signs:

a. Major indicators: These are significant, grave problems that signal the imminence of the day of resurrection. As an illustration, consider the appearance of Dajjal, Yajooj, Majooj, and the beast.

b. Tiny indications: these often appear just before resurrection. Some indications have already happened and could happen again, signals that have previously happened and are occurring, and signs that did not happen but will happen in the future. There are many little indicators.

The only minor indicators mentioned in Hadith No. 2 of An-Nawawi’s collection are a slave girl giving birth to her mistress, people going barefoot or nude, and poor people being fought by herders on tall structures.

What Is In The Quran About The Day Of Judgment?

Al-Haqqah (surah 69) contains passages from the Quran that are believed to allude to the reckoning on Judgement Day. When a book is placed in the recipient’s right hand, he will respond, “Take and read my book.” I was aware I would have to answer for my actions. And he’ll be in a state of happiness.

What Are The Major Signs Of The Day Of Judgement

Coming of Imam Mahdi

In the past, many people claimed to be Imam Mahdi. Mohd Tormat is one of them. He promoted corruption and even buried some of his colleagues because they disagreed. He will resemble the Prophet in personality. He will have a sluggish speaking pattern and an eastern look and be descended from Fatima (R.A).

The Prophet (PBUH) talked about some of the indicators that will precede the arrival of the Mahdi: a. There will be intense violence, chaos, and conflict before the Mahdi appears. People will experience catastrophes and terror. There will be battles even before he arrives. 

a. Extreme violence, chaos, and conflict are when the Mahdi will manifest. People will experience fear and misfortune. There will be conflicts before his arrival. From one fitnah to the next, people will experience such extreme distress that they will desire to die.

“According to Abu Saeed al-Khudri, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) stated: He will be sent during a period of intense disagreements and conflicts among people as well as earthquakes.” (Mahmud)

A.Mina Battle

There will be a tribal conflict, hajj pilgrims will be pillaged, and there will be a fierce battle in Mina that will result in several fatalities.

B. Mountains of Gold Exposed by the Euphrates

“The hour won’t come until a gold mountain that people will fight over is revealed by the Euphrates.” Ninety-nine of them will be slain, and a hundred of them will all think, “Perhaps I’ll be the one to succeed.” (Conservative)

d. Haris-al Harrath and Mansur will appear

e. The army’s destruction in Baidah

Appearance of Dajjal

The fitna that Dajjal will bring about is a challenge beyond anything that has ever been seen or experienced on Earth. Since the situation is so dire, every prophet warned us about Dajjal. He will emerge from the east and travel between towns, spreading chaos. After conquering Constantinople and Syria, Dajjal will come. 

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Between the creation of Prophet Adam Peace be upon him and the coming of the last hour, there will arise no matter more serious than the Dajjal.” (Muslim; Imran b. Hussein)

The prophet (PBUH) told us that there would be three years of severe hunger and the emergence of Mahdi before Dajjal arrived.

Prophet Isa’s Return

The coming of the Prophet Ishmael, who would lead the Muslims to Mount Tur to defend the people from Gog and Magog and then destroy them, is one of the leading indicators of the end of the world. He will become a khalifa and raise Islam to new heights. There is wisdom in the entrance of Jesus. To show the Jews that they did not slay him and that he was alive, Jesus requested Allah to be accepted into Prophet Muhammad’s ummah because he respects their morality and tries to fulfill the prayer.

The Rise of Magog and Gog

As soon as Ma’juj and Ya’juj are released (from their Barrier), they quickly swarm out of each mound (Surah Al-Anbiya)

Jesus will be informed of Gog and Magog’s release. They relocated and severely damaged several cities, causing slaughter. For safety, Jesus led the Muslims to Mount Tur. They will arrive in two groups: the first will consume all of Tiberia’s water, and the second will declare, “There once was water in this lake.”


There will be three significant landslides before the resurrection. One is in Arabia, one in the east, and one in the west. The large swallow by the earth will kill a significant number of people.

The Smoke

“Therefore, wait for the day when the heavens shall bring a smoke manifest surrounding the people; this is a painful chastisement,” Allah says. (Dhukan-Surah)

The globe filling with smoke is one of the leading indicators of qiyamah. It will impact both believers and unbelievers for 40 days and 40 nights. On the other hand, believers will experience the effects of cold, while non-believers will lose consciousness due to smoke inhaled into their brains.

The Sun will Rise from the West

According to the Qur’an, “The day when some signs of your Lord will come, no good will it do to a person to believe then, if he believed not before, nor earned good (by performing deeds of righteousness) through his faith.” (Surah Al-An’aam)

The doors of repentance are closed until Yawm-l-Qiyama, beginning at dawn in the west.

The Beast

“And when the prophecy about them is realized. Because humanity rejected our revelation, we will send a Beast of the Earth to address them. (Surah An-Naml)

 Most scholars have reported that the beast would appear from Makah’s Masjid Al-Haram. Setting Muslims apart from non-believers is the beast’s mission. To accomplish this, he will draw a line on everyone who believes, illuminating them and sealing the non-believers’ noses with Suleiman’s ring. 


Some scholars believe that the Snake protected the Holy Ka’bah. According to Imam Al-Qurtubi, Ibn Abbas had this belief. (Al-Qurtubi).


It is the final big show; the fire spreading from Yemen has caused thousands to gather. Three methods will be used to gather the crowd:

a. People who fear punishment and aspire to heaven

b. Ten riders, or three riders, or two riders will mount a particular camel.

c. Lastly, the fire follows the third batch during their afternoon slumber, night, and dawn.

Minor Signs of the Day of Judgment

The following are some of the Hour’s less potent indicators: 

1. The arrival of the Prophet (peace and Allah’s blessings upon him).

2. The passing of the Prophet (peace and Allah’s blessings upon him).

3. The capture of Jerusalem.

4. The scourge of the Palestinian city of ‘Amwas (Emmaus).

5. Widespread affluence and lack of need for charity.

6. The emergence of fitan, or difficulties. Early Islamic hardships included the assassination of ‘Uthman (may Allah be pleased with him), the battles of Siffin and the camel, the rise of the Khawarij, the battle of al-Harrah, and the belief that the Quran is a work of fiction.

7. The appearance of claims to prophethood, such as the liar Musaylimah and al-Aswad al-‘Anasi.

8. The arrival of fire in the Hijaz happened in the middle of the 7th century AH in 654 AH—the academics who were present when the big fire occurred, and those who followed them gave detailed accounts. In our era, in the year 654, there was a fire in Madinah, according to Al-Nawawi. There was a massive fire on Madinah’s eastern side, located beyond the Harrah, and word of it traveled across Syria and the surrounding regions. I heard about it from the Madinahites who were present.

9. Decline in confidence. Giving someone else responsibility for someone else’s business is one way that individuals show they have lost faith in one another.

10. The loss of knowledge and the increase of ignorance; according to al-Sahihayn, the loss of knowledge would happen when academics vanish.

11. The proliferation of fornication and adultery (Zina)

12. The proliferation of interest and usury, or riba

13. How commonplace are musical instruments?

14. Widespread consumption of alcohol.

15. Shepherds vying to erect the highest structures

16. Widespread murder.

18. Widespread seismic activity

19. Landslides, metamorphoses, and stones falling from heaven

20. Appearance of ladies who are dressed yet nude.

21. Believer’s dreams come true.

22. Widespread offering of false information and concealing of actual testimony.

23. A significant number of ladies.

24. The country of the Arabs became once again meadows and rivers.

25. The Euphrates will reveal a gold-filled mountain.

26. People will hear from inanimate things and wild animals.

27. The “Romans” will enlarge and engage the Muslims in combat.

28. The conquest of Constantinople. 

Sum Up

While we wait for the leading indicators, several Signs of the Day of Judgement have taken place, proving that the day of resurrection is actual. May Allah ease our journey.

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