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Surah Naba benefits | 7 Powerful Benefits in Life

by Abru Farzeen
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Surah Naba (Makki) is part of sequenced surahs starting from Surah Al Qiyamah and ending on Surah Nazia’at. It is the 78th surah with 40 verses. The surah has the same style and theme as the surah between surah Mursalaat and surah Naziaat, i.e., the day of Qiyamah and life hereafter.

The word Naba means “Great News”. This surah is the 78th chapter of the Holy Book and contains 40 verses. This surah was revealed in Mecca. This surah was revealed in the early years, after Muhammad (S.A.W) declared himself as a Prophet.

This surah has unlimited miracles in the life. If you recite surah Naba off and on, all the bounties of surah Naba will fall upon you, and your life will be more blissful than past. It would be beneficial for the person who recites this surah every day.

Allah has revealed Holy Quran so that humans recite it to have knowledge and solve their problems. Another purpose is to seek Allah Almighty’s help by reciting it.  Many hadiths show the benefits of surah Naba. It can be recited any part of the day and will show its benefits.

Surah Naba benefits for eyesight

As mentioned, the Holy Quran benefits humans in worldly life and life hereafter. Daily recitation of surah naba is good for maintaining good eyesight. It is reported in hadith that a person’s eyesight will increase if he recites this surah after zuhr.
If you have the problem of weak eyesight, you should recite this surah after zuhr. The method for praying is as follows.

Surah Naba Benefits

  •  Make ablution and do zuhur prayer.
  • Recite surah Naba three times
  • Open and close with durood e Ebrahimi eleven times
  • Daily practice will improve your eyesight.

Surah Naba benefits after Asr

If you have a problem of blur images, this surah is your savior. By the will of Allah almighty, your problem will be cured.it is reported in hadith that that person’s eyesight will not decrease if a person recites this surah daily after asr prayer.
The process of this wWazifa is as follows

This surah is revealed to the disbelievers of Islam. The surah gives a message to all of us that the Day of Judgment is almost near. Additionally, this surah describes the miracles of the creations of the world. And at the end, it describes the surprises and fear of the Hereafter.

  • Make ablution and do a prayer
  • Recite surah Naba for three-time
  • Recite durood e Ebrahimi at the start and the end of the surah
  • Make prayer with full concentration and devotion
  • Blow on your fingers and rub on your eyes.
  • By the will of Allah almighty, your eyesight will be increased, and the problem of blur images will be reduced.

Spiritual Benefits

Surah Naba benefits can lead to a profound spiritual experience by establishing a stronger connection with Allah. It can instill a sense of inner peace and tranquility in the heart, reminding believers of the grandeur of the Creator and His control over the entire universe. This spiritual upliftment can help individuals find solace and a deeper sense of purpose in their lives.

Someone wants to marry a noble partner. Then recite this surah 141 times after the Isha prayer for 21 days. Allah will make sources for him to get married to the righteous person.

Surah Naba Benefits for marriage

Surah Naba Benefits

It is mentioned in Surah Naba that every man is created in pairs. And we created you in pairs (78:8). Reciting this surah daily for a happy married life would be best. You will have a long-lasting and blissful married life.

Surah Naba encourages believers to reflect on the signs of God in the natural world and the messages brought by the prophets. Through contemplation, one can gain a deeper understanding of their faith and strengthen their connection with the Creator. This process fosters a sense of awe and humility before Allah’s magnificent creation, nurturing a deeper bond with Him.

In short, this surah is all about the day of the Decision. That’s why this is called Naba. Surah Naba benefits make it more effective and great surah. Surah Naba gives a significant message to the disbelievers that do a good deed because the Day of Judgement is coming.

For this purpose, recite surah Naba 141 times in 21 days after the isha prayer. By Allah’s will, you will find a spouse with whom your life will be in peace.

For fulfillment of desires

Surah Naba is one of the surahs that you should recite if you want to fulfill your desires. For example, to succeed in a job interview, you should recite surah Naba before the interview. By the will of Allah Almighty, your recruiter will recruit you.  

This surah serves as a reminder of the Day of Judgment and the consequences of one’s actions in this world and the Hereafter. This awareness motivates individuals to live righteous lives, fulfill their responsibilities, and strive for a better standing in the Hereafter.

It reinforces the understanding that life is a test, and our deeds have consequences beyond this world.

Protection from Evil

A human becomes prone to the devil and evil forces whenever he is born. Allah has revealed Quran to protect his servant from the devil and evil forces. You can seek help from Allah Almighty for protection from evil.

Reciting Surah Naba reinforces belief in God, His messengers, and the core principles of Islamic faith. It serves as a reminder of the fundamentals of faith, encouraging believers to maintain their trust in Allah and His guidance, even in the face of challenges and doubts.

Surah Naba protects you from evil. If you recite this surah daily, you will be protected from all evils around you. Allah Almighty will guard you against evils and evil forces.

Protection During Travelling

Surah Naba also show its advantages of having safe travel. Traveling, especially at night, increases the chances of robbery and theft. Along with that, your life safety is also at stake.

Some Muslims believe that reciting Surah Naba can provide protection from negative forces and bring blessings into their lives. It is often recited when seeking Allah’s protection and favor, with the belief that God’s blessings will safeguard them from harm and adversity.

If you recite surah Naba before traveling, you will be more alert and awake during the night and protected from robbers and thieves by the will of Allah.

Increase Knowledge

Allah Almighty has revealed many surahs in the Holy Quran that will increase the wisdom and knowledge of the human race. He has shown many incidents and phenomena in this mortal world in the Holy Quran.

Regularly reciting Surah Naba as part of one’s Quranic recitation regimen deepens one’s connection with the holy Quran. This sacred text is considered a source of guidance and wisdom for Muslims, and engaging with it regularly enhances one’s understanding of the faith and its teachings, further strengthening one’s connection with Allah.

Surah Naba increases the knowledge of this world’s formation and life hereafter. It answers the questions about the day of resurrection.
It is also beneficial for increasing the knowledge of many mortal and immortal world matters. If you recite surah naba, your knowledge depth will be increased by the will of Allah.

What does Surah Naba talk about?

Surah Naba covers different topics.

  • Formation of this world and worldly matters

In the first twenty ayahs, different elements that form the earth and skies are discussed, that how the earth and skies are adorned with mountains and stars.
Purpose and events that occur in the day and night are also discussed. It is also mentioned in this surah that all creatures are made in pairs.

  • Divine Guidance and Prophethood

Surah Naba begins by highlighting the concept of divine guidance and the crucial role of prophets in delivering God’s message to humanity. It emphasizes the continuity of this guidance throughout history and the importance of heeding the call to worship the one true God and live righteous lives. The surah underscores the significance of God’s chosen messengers as intermediaries between humanity and the Divine.

  • Events of the Day of Judgment

Resurrection and the life hereafter are also discussed in this surah that the dead would be alive. The main topics discussed in this surah are the life hereafter, and the excuses non-believers show about the day of judgment.  

On the positive side, Surah Naba offers glad tidings and hope to those who believe in God and follow His guidance. It promises rewards and blessings for those who embrace faith and live virtuously.On the day of judgment, angels will be lining up in rows on either side, and only those who have permission from Allah Almighty will speak.

  • Rewards that would be given in Jannah to the believer

Many rewards will be given to the believers in Jannah. It is mentioned that they would only listen to peace talks and would be present in gardens and vineyards with milk and honey streams.

  • The Day of Judgment

Surah Naba serves as a potent reminder of the Day of Judgment, a pivotal concept in Islamic belief. It underscores the idea that all human actions will be meticulously accounted for on that day, with individuals either being rewarded or punished based on their deeds. This theme reinforces the ultimate purpose of life and the significance of adhering to God’s guidance for a successful outcome in the Hereafter.

When should you read Surah Naba?

Holy Quran is revealed for the benefit of the human race. Its recitation not only benefits humans in one way, i.e., for gathering up good deeds that will be rewarded on the day of judgment, but also for the benefit of this world.

The surah emphasizes the signs in God’s creation present in the natural world. It encourages believers to reflect upon and marvel at the intricate design and order in the universe.

These signs, such as the heavens, the earth, celestial bodies, and various natural phenomena, are considered as clear evidence of God’s existence, His creative power, and His divine wisdom.

Surah Naba should be recited every day in different phases as it has different prayers with different benefits. When you recite this surah 141 times a day, Allah will increase your respect in both the mortal and immortal world. Allah will reward you Sharaab e Tuhoor when water is unavailable on the day of judgment.

The surah addresses the consequences of rejecting the messages brought by the prophets, particularly the message conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It describes the stubbornness, arrogance, and disbelief of disbelievers and the repercussions they may face as a result of their rejection of faith If you memorize this surah by heart and recite it daily, Allah will lessen your punishments on the day of judgment.

What is the message of Surah Naba?

The message in Surah Naba is simple all the deeds will be subjected to scrutiny. The surah was revealed in the early days of prophethood in Makkah. Non-believers were questioning the life hereafter. Allah revealed that they would exclaim what if they were sand?

The events of the day of judgment are described in detail, and it is mentioned that the questions of non-believers will be answered on that day.
If you recite this surah after fajr prayer one hundred one times in forty days, you will see that all kinds of food shortages you face will be relieved.

One of the central messages of Surah Naba is the recognition of divine guidance through the institution of prophethood. It underscores the importance of acknowledging and following the guidance of God’s chosen messengers and prophets.

Believers are encouraged to heed the call to worship the one true God, embrace monotheism, and live righteous lives in accordance with the guidance provided by these messengers.

It is made clear that those who will be in paradise will be rewarded by peace talks and will reside in the garden in which there would be streams of honey and milk. They will be served with cups filled up to brims.

Those who will be in hellfire would say that what if it were better when he will be a grain of sand? All the sinners would have their punishments.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What main message is delivered in Surah Naba?

Surah Naba is about the formation of this world and its affairs. Another main message in this surah is about the day when the dead will come alive and all humans and jins will hold accountable for all their deeds.

In which way this surah is beneficial humans?

It has unlimited advantages in multiple ways. But it is best for curing blur vision and weak eyesight.

What are some benefits of surah Naba in daily life?

Surah Naba has multiple benefits for the person who recites it daily. Its daily recitation will positively affect the reciter’s daily life. Its regular recitation will help a person attain respect in this world and hereafter life. If a person recites it daily, he will not fall asleep and be safe during night travels.

Will surah Naba help in curing stomach problems?

Yes, some religious scholars reported that if anyone drinks water on which surah Naba is blown, his stomach problems will be relieved.

Will the recitation of surah Naba help in the pilgrimage of Makkah and Madina?

As reported in hadith, if a person recites surah Naba daily, Allah Almighty will call him for hajj and umrah.


Surah Naba belongs to the same category, starting from surah Mursalaat and ending on surah Naziaat. It has fort ayah covering different topics about the formation of the earth and skies, the purpose of day and night, and events that will occur on the day of resurrection.  
Surah Naba’s benefits are immense. If it is recited in different parts of a day, you will find different benefits you gained by recitation.
 It is reported in hadiths that this surah is beneficial for eyesight weakness. When you seek help from Allah Almighty, he will help you with your problems.

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