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Powerful Surah Taha Benefits For Love Marriage – Ayat 131, 132

by Abru Farzeen
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Surah Taha is the 20th surah of the Holy Quran. This surah was revealed in Makkah, therefore it is known as Makki Surah. Like the rest of the Holy Quran, Surah Taha benefits humans very well. It has different sections which discuss different topics. These topics are the conversation between Allah and Moses, the conversation between Satan and Adam, the origin of life, and the day of resurrection.

When you recite this surah, you will feel touched and like Allah is talking to you right away. You will see that emptiness of your heart will be filled as you find that you don’t have any other one between Allah Almighty and yourself. Many messages are given in this surah that you need to practice in your daily life. Apart from teaching oneness and sole worship of Allah, this surah also conveys that family comes before anything else.
This surah also guides you about some realities of life if you face two problems and one is milder than the other one, select the milder one as it will cause less harm, and it is okay to have some small risks in your life for attaining high goals.

Surah Taha Benefits of Love Marriage

Many people do not like arranged marriages, but the problem is that at first, they only have one side crush, and if the crush is not one-sided, there comes a second problem: parents do not agree on a love marriage.
To resolve these issues, you should recite surah ta ha more often. It is your savior. You will find a great match quickly when you recite this surah more often.

Surah Taha For Marriage

Getting married to your soulmate

If you are afraid that you will not get married to your soulmate, you should recite surah ta ha ayah 131 for 108 times. You will observe that it would be easier to find a soulmate.

Getting married to the love of your life

If you want to get married to the love of your life, you should recite Ayah 131 and 132 after the fajr prayer
You should perform a specific prayer.

  • Just after doing ablution, you should dry your face with a paper towel
  • Write 131 132 verses of surah ta ha with a saffron pen
  • Place that paper in a tweezer and make sure that the one who uses that offers prayers regularly
  • When the person recites this surah, he will get its results

Another specific prayer should be done for marriage. If you are a girl and are worried about your marriage, you should recite surah taha daily.

  • Start ablution and recite ayah 131 and 132 for 313 times
  • Start and finish it with durood e Ebrahimi 41 times
  • Repeat the procedure for 21 days
  • You can also recite surah ta ha three times daily and observe the change that will happen in your life.

Overcoming hurdles of your life

If you are facing hurdles in your marriage, you should seek Allah Almighty’s help for the removal of these hurdles.

  • For this purpose, recite surah ta ha ayah 131 and 132 for 66 times
  • Start the procedure by reciting surah Ikhlaas, Surah Falak, and surah naas 11 times.
  • End the procedure by making Dua firmly believe that Allah will resolve your problem.

15 Benefits of Surah Taha

Multiple surah Taha benefits are given below

Surah Taha Benefits

  1. The assistance of Mahajiroon and Ansaris

In the early days of migration, Madina Ansaris helped Mahaajiroon emotionally and financially. It is reported in hadiths that if a person recites surah ta ha daily, Allah Almighty will reward him like reward him Ansari, who helped Mahajirs.

     2. Action track record in the right hand

Surah ta ha benefits Muslims on the day of judgment. It is reported in hadiths that if a person recites surah ta ha regularly, his actions track records will be given in the right hand.

    3. Increasing memory

Reciting surah ta ha ayah 25-27 regularly will increase memory, and you will not forget anything in the future. Your problem of forgetfulness will be removed forever. For this purpose, you must recite surah ta ha ayah 27 33 times on drinking water for 11 days.
   4. Increasing learning ability

Reciting Surah taha verse 27, 100 times will help you increase your learning ability. You will not face any problems in learning your lessons.

   5. For a successful interview

You will succeed in your interview if you write this surah on a green silk cloth and wrap it around your neck. If you are going to a match-making meeting, you should wear it as it will help you in that meeting.

  6. Seeking protection from Allah

Surah ta ha benefits the reciter in such a way that if he asks protection from Allah Almighty by reciting it. By recitation of this surah, you will observe that Allah will protect you from all difficulties.

  7. Asking for forgiveness for sins

If you want to seek forgiveness from Allah for your sins, you should recite this surah. Surah ta ha benefits you for making an apology in front of Allah for your sins.

  8. For wound healing

You should recite this surah if you have multiple wounds on your body that take time to heal. It will help you in the healing of persistent wounds.

  9. For gaining fame

Surah ta ha benefits the reciter in gaining popularity. Suppose the reciter recites surah ta ha 1-8 verses for 21 days. Write these ayahs on the 21st day and cover them in cloth. Observe Isha in the group. By the will of Allah, he will become famous.

  10. Protection from hellfire

Surah ta ha benefits the reciter by protecting him from hellfire. It is reported in hadiths that if a person recites surah ta ha before sunrise and after sunset, he will be protected from hellfire by the will of Allah.

  11. For removal of stuttering

If you stutter during the speech, you should recite verses of this surah. Surah ta ha benefits the person who stutters. It will help the person to reduce stutter.

  12. To have fair treatment

Surah ta ha benefits the person to attain fair treatment in dealings. It will help the person to be a special place in the meeting. He will have a chance to be in a fair competition.

  13. Protection on the day of resurrection

Surah ta ha benefits the person to be protected on the day when the dead will come alive and answer their deeds. This will help him to be fearless on the day of judgment when everyone will be shivering from the anger of Allah.

  14. Protection against enemies

If a person is fed up with having enemies, he should recite this surah. It will benefit him to be free from enemies and any other accident. For this purpose, he should write and drink surah on paper. By the will of Allah, he will be protected from enemies.

  15. Protection against magic

If a person has fear of being possessed or someone will do magic on him he should recite surah ta ha. It will protect him against magic.

What does Surah Taha talk about?

Surah Taha Teachings

As per mentioned above, Surah Ta Ha talks about different points. The surah comprises the conversation between Moses and Allah Almighty. This surah covers the whole conversation between Allah Almighty and Moses efficiently.
It also shows that Allah is the most beneficial and can hold any calamity in your life. He will assist you by means that will come out of nowhere. It also covers the conversation between Adam and Eve and the trap that satan set for them.
Surah ta ha also gives hope to humans that Allah is there to solve all problems for them. It does not let you feel that you are not alone and that Allah is there for you to listen to your problems and will solve them.

Facts About Surah Taha?

Surah Taha covers the conversation between Allah almighty and Moses mostly. The surah starts with Harf e Muqatteaat and reveals interesting stories of Moses and the Israelites. In this surah, you also read that Moses asked Allah to make some companions.

Moses asked Allah to make Aaron his companion as he was more fluent. He also seeks help from Allah to broaden his vision.
This surah covers the topic of the day of judgment when the dead will come alive, and every human has to face the result of his deeds.

Another part of this surah covers Satan’s trap for Adam and Eve, which is how he engaged Adam and Eve in eating forbidden, resulting in their expulsion from Jannah. This surah also commands humans to thank Allah Almighty for all his favors and only worship him.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Was the surah taha gift from Allah Almighty?

Yes, on the journey of Mairaj, Allah Almighty gifted three surahs; among them, one was surah ta ha.

When was surah ta ha released?

Surah ta ha was revealed in Makkah when the Muslims were migrating to Habasha

What special event occurred after the revelation of surah ta ha?

After the revelation of surah ta ha Hazrat umar, RA embraced Islam

What is the main idea of surah ta ha?

Surah ta ha focus on the existence of Allah Almighty and multiple incidents of Moses and the Israelites.

Is surah ta ha helpful for exams?

Surah ta ha is helpful for exams.


Surah Taha benefits a person in multiple ways. It provides a path to enlighten the mind of a Muslim. Surah Ta Ha is the twentieth chapter of the Holy Quran and has 135 ayahs. The surah benefits humans in many ways. The recitation of this surah benefits the Muslims in this mortal world and the world hereafter.

The article guided you about the benefits of surah ta ha and some interesting facts about surah ta ha. So, don’t waste your precious time on useless things and gather some material for life hereafter.

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