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How to Perform Tahajjud Prayer | 10 Powerful Benefits

by Abru Farzeen

Every Muslim wants to get close to his Creator, Allah Almighty. To get favor, we do salutations and prayers. Tahajjud prayer is a voluntary night prayer for getting blessings from Allah. It is not mandatory, and Muslims pray this prayer after midnight.

Allah is very merciful to all His creatures. He defines lines that are good for His creations. Night prayer can bring peace and enhances mental health. It is also offered to ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Often Muslims repent and pray night prayers so that their Lord forgive them for their sins.

Muslims need the forgiveness of Allah and thank him by praying to God. It is one of the favorite prayers of Allah, and He likes when His servants ask for His favors by offering prayers. In this article, I will guide you about the meaning, method, and benefits of tahajjud prayer.

Tahajjud Prayer in Islam?

Tahajjud is a night prayer done by Muslims. It is considered in the category of sunnah namaz as instructed by the Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. Pious Muslims all over the world do night prayers. If anyone misses this namaz, it will not be considered a sin.

The literal meaning of Tahajjud is to give up sleep. Tahajjud is prayed after Isha and before the fajr prayer. Devote Muslims to do this act to attain mental peace and please Allah Almighty. They ask for favors from their Creator. They give up their sleep and wake up in the middle of the night to please their God.

Islam demonstrates the best code designed for humans. Allah Almighty has decided to select the best for His creations. If any Muslim wakes up in the middle of the night and prays to Allah, he would listen to their prayers as it is reported that Allah Almighty comes to the lowest sky and listens to His servants’ prayers.

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Tahajjud Prayer Importance in Islam

Tahajjud holds a great deal of importance in Islam. It is often reported in different hadiths that Allah Almighty likes it when His servant wakes up in the middle of the night and completes the obligation of night prayer. Qayam ul Lail is one of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

In Holy Quran, it is mentioned many times that Allah likes night prayer. In the Holy Quran chapter 17, verse 79, Allah reassures the good station for those who do night salutations. ‘And from the dark segment, pray for yourself extra; your Lord will give you a reward of raised place.’ In another context, in Holy Quran, Allah Almighty assures that those who stand in prayers at night will pass and be rewarded. It is believed that Tahajjud is the most blissful non-obligatory prayer.

Read Tahajjud Prayer Online

Hazrat Muhammad PBUH recited the following dua when he read in the Tahajjud prayer. 

اللهم ربنا لك الحمد انت قيم السموت والارض ومن فيهن ولك الحمد انت نور السموت والارض ومن فيهن ولك الحمد انت ملك السموت والارض ومن فيهن لك الحمد انت الحق و وعدك الحق ولقاوك حق والجنة حق والنار حق والنبيون حق ومحمد حق والساعة حق اللهم لك اسلمت وبك امنت وعليك توكلت واليك انبت وبك خاصمت واليك حاكمت فاغفر لي ما قدمت وما اخرت وما اسررت وما اعلنت

Transliteration:  Allaahuma rabbanaa lakal hamdu ant qayyimus samavaati wal ardi wa min feehinna wa lakal hamdu anta noor us samavaati wal ardi wa min feehinna maalikis samaavaati wal ardi wa min feehinna wa lakal hamdu l antal haqqu wa wa’daka al haqqu wa li qaawuka haqqu wal jannati haqqu wan naaru haqqu wan nabi’una haqqu wa muhammadu haqqu was saa ‘atu haqqu allaahumma laka aslamtu wa bika aamantu wa a’alaika tawakaltu wa ilaika anabtu wa bika khamastu wa ilaika haakamtu faghfirlee maa qaddamtu wa maa akh’khartu wa maa asartu wa maa a’alantu

English translation: O Allah, all praises are for you. You are keeping all the creatures in the skies and the earth. And all honors are for you who brighten the skies, the world, and the things between them. And all praises are for you. And you are the king of skies and earth and the things between them. You are true. Your promise is true. Paradise is accurate, and hellfire is actual. Messengers are true, Muhammad is accurate, and the day of judgment is actual. O Allah, I believe in you and only rely on and ask from you. I fought with your help and decided with your service. Please forgive me for the sins I have done previously and, in the future, those done when no one is present and those done in public. 

ترجمہ: اے اللہ سب تعریف تیرے لیےھے تو ھی تمام مخلوقات کو جو آسمانوں اور زمینوں کی میں موجود ہیں سنبھالے ہوئے ہیں اور سب تعریف تیرے لیے ہے جو آسمانوں اور زمین اور ان کے درمیان میں موجود چیزوں کو روشن کئے ھوۓ ہے اور سب تعریفیں تیرے لیے ہیں اور تو ہی آسمانوں اور زمینوں اور ان کے درمیان موجود چیزوں کا بادشاہ ہے تو سچ ہے تیرا وعدہ سچا ہے اور جنت سچ ہے جہنم سچ ہےاور نبی سچ ہیں اور محمد سچ ہے اور قیامت کا دن سچ ہے اللہ میں تیرا فرمابردار ہوا اور میں تجھ پر ایمان لایا اور تجھ پر توکل کیا اور تیری ہی طرف رجوع کیا اور میں نے تیری ہی مدد سے جھگڑا کیا اور تیری ہی طرف فیصلہ کیا اللہ مجھے بخش دے ان گناہوں کے لئے جو میں نے پہلے کیے اور بعد میں کیا اور چھپ کر کیے اور جو سب کے سامنے کئے

Step By Step Guide to Perform Tahajjud

  • Like other prayers, Tahajjud prayer is also prayed according to the method of prayer taught by the Holy Prophet PBUH۔ 
  • At first, ablution is made. Then night prayer is started like regular prayer.
  • The next step is to stand straight, looking down, arms folded in respect to Allah Almighty, and say prayers.
  • After hands are placed on knees and bend down and continue saying prayers
  • The next step is to put your hands and forehead on the ground and continue to say the prayer
  • After that, end the prayer like the other prayers.

How to Perform Tahajjud Prayer

When to Perform Tahajjud Prayer?

Tahajjud is prayed after midnight. It is usually done in the third part of the night. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad advised to pray for Tahajjud after getting sleep and pray in the next part of the night. Its time ends when Azaan for fajr prayer is done. If you are in a place where you can not attend fajr commencement, you can check fajr time in your area on Google, and you can stop after that time.

How many Rakats in Tahajjud are?

Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH offered the Tahajjud prayer occasionally and asked for the favors of Allah Almighty even when he was the purest soul on earth. As you know, Tahajjud is a non-mandatory prayer, so you can offer a prayer of at least two Rakats and a maximum of twelve Rakats. You can choose how many Rakats you want to provide, as there is no fixed Rakat for this prayer.

As reported in hadiths, Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH offered night prayers of eleven Rakats or thirteen Rakats, including Witr prayer from isha. He advised Muslims to offer Virts and nafl of Isha and Night prayer as it is better.

Tahajjud Prayer Benefits

Following are a benefit of night prayers.

  1. It is the best way to get the closeness of Allah Almighty.
  2. It is considered a cleaning tool for the mind and soul.
  3. It can bring peace to the mind, heart, and soul.
  4. It can help to forestall sickness and wickedness
  5. Regular prayer can reduce mental stress
  6. It increases the faith of Muslims in Allah Almighty.
  7. It increases the love of the permanent life of the hereafter.
  8. It helps you to memorize Quran thoroughly.
  9. It assures you a higher position in the praised station as Allah Almighty has promised.
  10. As reported in hadith, one who offers night prayer will have a more beautiful face.

How To Perform Tahajjud Prayer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the end time for the Tahajjud prayer?

Answer. can not do Tahajjud prayer after fajr prayer.

Q: What are the conditions for Tahajjud prayer?

Answer. You should do Night prayer after getting sleep in the first part of the night and then praying in the third part.

Q: What are the effects of Tahajjud prayer on human health?

Answer. It increases the immunity of the human body. It brings calmness to the mind and increases the life expectancy of any human.  

Q: Can we read Tahajjud’s prayer aloud?

Answer. Yes, you can read the Tahajjud prayer aloud unless it is not disturbing others.

Q: Which type of prayer is night prayer?

Answer. Night prayer is a sunnah.

Final Words

Tahajjud prayer has marvelous effects on life. It gives additional benefits to the person who offers Tahajjud prayer. It helps to build a strong relationship with Allah Almighty. Holy Prophet advised that the best non-mandatory is Tahajjud prayer. The benefits of night prayers on the human body are incredible as they give positive energy and relieve mental stress. It helps build the faith that Allah Almighty has decided the best for you and that nothing wrong will happen. This article explains night prayer, time, benefits, and other details.

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