Powerful Wazifa for exam success

“Wazifa for exam success” means “a prayer for success in exams.” Some Muslim communities believe that reciting certain verses or prayers from the Quran can bring success and blessings in different parts of life, like school and tests.

Wazifa for exam success

  • Firstly, make ablution and offer two Rakat Nafil prayers for success.
  • After completing the prayer, recite Surah Fatiha three times
  • Then, recite the following verse from Surah Taha seven times: “Rabbi Ishrah Li Sadri Wayassir Li Amri Wahlul ‘Uqdatan Min Lisani Yafqahu Qawli

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After that, make dua to Allah for success in your exams. You can do this Wazifa as often as you want, but it is best to do it on a regular basis until you get what you want. May Allah grant you success in all your endeavors

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